This Moisture Package will give your hair everything its been looking for starting with our Moisture whip shampoo/Conditioner full of naturally enriched honey oil and sweet almond extracts. Our leave in 365 infuser is jam packed with vitamins and minerals your hair needs impeeding your hair strands from the inside out. Sealing the deal with our light weight satin silkining glaze to silk press your hair with a high gloss shine with a ligh weight feel. 

Naked Silk Press KIt


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    In order to achieve your dreams and goals, you need ACCESS to those who can help you get there via the Fast Track. The principles being taught are time tested and utilized by multiple industries, not just among cosmetology professions. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and repeat struggles and pitfalls alone. The RetailBoss will provide you with specific guidance to grow your business successfully while reclaiming some of your time back with proven business and retail strategies. 

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