This Beauty Industry Game is a Trip!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Coming into this industry I had no idea some of the pains and hurdles I was going to have to face. I just knew I loved making people feel ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!

NOOOOOBODY gave me a warning sign, a smoke signal or coaching session to prepare me for the mental capacity I needed to endure the dog eat dog world of Cosmetology. Yes I said it's a hot mess how we behave and I'm not afraid to admit what I see.

I've made many "so called" friends #frenemies in this industry. However over time that "friend mask" fell off. Chile I had to wrap my mind around why people wanted to so call "help me get on" and then once they found out how good of an educator/hairstylist I really was they wanted to dull my shine or stunt my growth. Or they wanted to use me to make them look better, drive their sales, or help them come up with inventive ideas to make their businesses grow.

HUH!!! In my lack of judgement and acts of emotions I found myself hurt, confused, angry, and simply disgusted. It took years of me working hair shows with teams for little pay, teaching seminars for companies who wanted me all for themselves, and teaching at numerous Cosmetology schools for again "LITTLE PAY!" One day the light came on. I finally realized my value was worth way more then they could ever pay me. I said to myself "Girl you are a THREAT!" They think you are gonna steal their spot, become something bigger then they are, or possible own your very own school one day and take them out of commission. When honestly all I wanted to do was be the best educator that the world had ever seen. And guess what? I WAS JUST THAT AND THEY HATED IT!!!!

So I had to gracefully move on and start my own brand. They were never happy break ups. From friendships to hair companies, to schools nobody was happy for me to branch off and do me but it had to happen. It was my destiny. What you see before you today is God's woman handling God's business in an Industry that respects and loves me back. Because I'm the real deal, what you see is what you get. No matter what happen to me I had to choose to be the best and not let anyone tell me any different. I had to tell myself "Kinah be the best version of you by letting God's light in you shine through"

Learning Points

Now ya girl learned some things so take notes:

1. Always pray and consult God when new people try to get in your circle, and new opportunities present themselves. Ask the father to make your spirit suuuuper sensitive.

2. Crawl- Before getting involved in anything new take baby steps so that you are not so emotional attached incase you have to bail.

3. Walk- Walk it out and let the situation build that way when something changes your not moving so fast that you don't see the shift.

4. Run- If the relationship, friendship, or employment, is valuable enough and it will take you in the right direction run with it. And take folks along the way that want to go with you so they can possible grow as well. Be prepared to lose some friendships or relationships along the way. The reality is everything has an expiration date even life.

Solutions to this "FRENEMY EPIDEMIC"


Honey we have to walk in LOVE! I'm sure that has been a time or two in your life where someone had to extend GRACE to you. Especially when you were more then likely acting like your "crap didn't stink" . Yall know I don't curse but you get the picture.. LOL! Stop pointing the fingers at others and their jacked up flaws, and start reflecting back when you were in the same or similar immature mindset. Like my Momma use to say "You will attract more bee's with honey then with vinegar." Meaning draw people in with kindness rather then being so BITTER. The nicer you are to folks you will attract more people to you, that you can bring change in their lives and hopefully lead them to a healthier way of thinking.

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